With the recent launch of the .CO domain name extension, there has been a lot of discussion on whether or not one should buy a .CO domain name. With over 460,000 .CO domain names registered in the first month, you can only imagine the amount of speculation going on. Here at Domain Name Sales we believe this promising domain name extension, modestly priced at $30/name is well worth the investment and here's our top 5 reasons why:

  1. What .CO means to the general public (BRANDING).
    Although .CO is actually the country code for COlumbia, it has historically stood for corporation or company and also has a high association with commerce (at least in North America).
    *note: when the first TLD's were being picked years ago, there was a lot of debate whether to go with .COM or .CO (.COM came our the victor due to .CO being reserved as a country code).
  2. .CO is treated as a TLD
    Google has officially stated that it is treating .CO domain names as a TLD and owners are now able to geo-target their .CO domain name in Google Webmaster Tools
  3. SEO Benefit
    As .CO is still in its infancy, there are a lot of .CO domain names still available and you are way more likely to get the .CO domain name you want. There are still also a ton of general or targetted (niche) descriptive domain name's to choose from. Hurry and get yours before it's too late! :P
  4. Typo Traffic
    Although this is not enough reason alone to buy a .CO domain name the fact that you can generate type-in traffic from .com typo's is appealing.
  5. Marketing
    Not only did .CO Internet do a great job marketing the .CO domain name extension, but 70% of Fortune 500 companies secured their brand and will most likely be pushing the .CO extension in the future. Not to mention there have already been some big sales such as O.CO for $350,000, and E.CO’s selling for $81,000.

This is not an opportunity you should just let pass you by.
For help finding the best suited domain name for your industry, please contact Domain Name Sales .CO by emailing us at sales@domainnamesales.co